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Balance Tone Weight Size Part 5

Balance, Tone, Weight and Size

In our last lesson we learned about the color wheel and primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Today we will look at Balance, Tone, Weight and Size in color.

There are so many factors as you are starting to realize in creating a color scheme, that it almost drives you to throw your arms in the air and say “what else do I have to think about to choose a simple color scheme?” Well, there is more I’m afraid. Balance, Tone, Weight and Size are all factors that need to be considered.

Don’t worry we have all struggled o remember these things – soon they will soon become second nature and you will be making fast and accurate color scheme choices before you know it.

There are a few of us born with the wonderful skill of being able to work naturally with color, the rest of us have to work hard at it. So remember when the going gets tough, you are not alone, keep going, you will get there with hard work, determination and education.

Color Tone

Let’s start with Tone. If you look at an interior with half closed eyes you will be able to see the different tones of color around the room. It is important that you have a variation of tones to give your interior color scheme interest and variety. Read more on tone here.


Color Size

The appearance of size of an object can change depending on the color it is. A yellow table appears larger than a blue table. Read more here

color size
color weight
Color weight – which block looks heavier?
Which tower of blocks appears more stable?

Color Weight

A similar thing can be said of the appearance of weight, with two items of equal weight the darker colored item will appear heavier. Read more here

Color Balance

Balance is important as it allows our eyes to feel comfortable when looking at an interior. It means we have color placed in the room in more than one place and not all grouped together in on spot. Read more here

So as you can see from learning about color, we start to open up the scope of what we can achieve by using color in an interior. We can start to change the way we perceive a room simply with the choice of color and the placement of color.

Here are a few more ideas on using color to change the appearance of space.

Some ideas on changing the way we perceive a room’s size

Altering space in a bedroom

So now you have finished reading part five, if you still have time, go and read your related articles, if not come back again and read them in your spare time. In three days time you will receive your next lesson texture and materials, so don’t forget to add this email address to your white list, and if you don’t receive it in three days, then look in your spam email box, and if you just can’t wait for three days then you can find part six here online.

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Lee Brown

Color Ecourse Coordinator