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Color Trends Part 7

Color Trends

In our last lesson we learned about Texture, Materials and Pattern, today we will look at color trends.

Color Trends are forecast three to four years in advance so that new textiles, products and designs can be concepted, colored, manufactured ready for when the color trend emerges. In my experience colors tend to be in fashion from start to finish for about five years.

There are transition phases, this is where the mass manufacturers copy all the designs and flood the market with them, that is when you know that the color trend is on its way out as it will be “over done” and people will quickly tire of seeing it.

New color trends and forecasts are important to know but not the only thing that influences your color scheme selection. They will dominate what is available in the retail stores, but you can always count on the old stable companies to keep producing traditional, classical and period style paint colors, fabrics and furnishings. Let’s face it, the paint companies will never run out of Spanish White.

The way I use trends in colors depends on the project in hand. For commercial projects I tend to use more trend focused colors as I know they will probably revamp in about five years, but for residential homes where there is a large personal financial outlay of money and the scheme will probably remain for at least ten years, then I tend to use what suits the home and family, and use accents of trend colors that can be updated inexpensively every few years.

As I am not a color forecaster, I have not written any articles for our websites on this topic, so I will send you to a few other websites to take a look at color trend ideas for 2009 Sherwin Williams 2009 Color Forecast, Paint Color Trends for 2009, Color Forecast 2009: All Things Bright and Beautiful

So now you have finished reading part seven, if you still have time, go and read your related articles, if not come back again and read them in your spare time. In four days time you will receive your next lesson common period and color schemes, if you don’t receive it in four days, then look in your spam email box, and if you just can’t wait for four days then you can find part eight here online.

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Lee Brown

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