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Interior Designer Eye Part 2

Looking at an Interior with a Designer’s Eye

In today’s lesson we will learn about looking at an interior with a Designer’s eye.

I need you to do one thing for me before we start this lesson. You now have to take off your everyday hat and glasses and put on your designer’s hat and glasses. You can buy them from any design store. (No just joking, it is only a figure of speech, but you will have to change the way you look at things from now on.)

You need to start taking notice of what you see when you look into a space. No more glancing around and saying “Oh, this is nice – how lovely, what a beautiful vase”. You need to look at the space, strip it back and see how it was created.

Find out what catches you eye first (often called the focal point) – then where it is directed, think about how the space makes you feel and why?

You need to start training your brain to critique, because along with the color theory you will learn in this course, critiquing others is the fastest way to learn and improve your skills.

You don’t just have to do this with physical interiors, you can use magazines, books and web site photos.

A great way to practice this is to print off an interior photo – start drawing lines to the same color, see how they are placed – do they balance the room or are they all grouped together, it’s amazing how subtle some things can be, but they are really important parts to the interior and give the color scheme that extra something.

Try it out on these photos to get you started, then go and look for more of your own.

blue and gold colors
just a hint of yellow

rich red and gold

blue bedroom

So for homework I am going to ask you to go and get yourself a scrapbook and a notebook. Take the notebook with you everywhere and start looking with a designer’s eye. Don’t take notes while you are in someone’s house, but jott them down after you have left. Use your scrapbook to stick photos from magazines, print off pictures from web sites and write notes on them. You don’t have to do it all today of course, this is an ongoing journey and your scrapbook and notebook will guide you to improving your color skills and will be a great resource for those tricky jobs that sometimes give you designers block. It may be able to spark some creativity.

For reading today look at Color and Nature

Fantastic, you have started your ecourse on color for interior design and decorating, and you have just finished reading part two. If you still have time, go and read your related articles, if not come back again and read them in your spare time. In three days time you will receive your next lesson Part Three – How We See Color, so don’t forget to add this email address to your white list, and if you don’t receive it in three days, then look in your spam email box, and if you just can’t wait for three days then you can find part three here online.

Bye for now


Lee Brown

Color Ecourse Coordinator