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Introduction Part 1

Welcome to Part One of Your Ecourse Color for Interior Design and Decorating

Lee Brown

Hi, I’m Lee Brown your color ecourse coordinator and welcome to your ecourse on color for interior design and decorating.

This is my favorite subject on interiors so I hope to share my passion and knowledge with you.

Firstly I will give you a guide to the best way to learn from this ecourse. Over a period of four weeks you will be sent emails, these will have a lesson of the day. Due to a lot of email providers not allowing pictures and photographs to display, I have also made copies of these emails that you can access online to view the lesson complete with photos. Because this subject is so huge, I will also be sending you to a specialist website on color for your background reading. Boy you are going to be an expert on color by the time I have finished with you.

Getting Organized

I suggest the first thing you do, if you haven’t already is add this email address to your white list to ensure that you don’t miss any parts of the ecourse. Because some email hosts block photos there are none included in your emails, but you can access links in your email for you to view photos and diagrams online.

If you do miss a part, don’t worry because you will be able to access them online at ecourse color. (I ask politely that you don’t email me personally to resend you a lesson, as due to the volume of emails I receive, I physically don’t get time to send it, instead please visit the website and email the page to yourself).

The second is to create a folder called my color design ecourse (or something similar) and store all your emails in the one place, this makes reference easier for when you want to do your tests or if you are working on a project and can’t quite remember something you have learned.

We have a site called where you will be able to see videos on color, assess yourself with self tests, find photograph color examples and talk about the ecourse with other students in a forum and find any parts of the ecourse you may miss. So bookmark that now.

We also have a toolbar that you can download which goes on your browser, this has links to areas of the website making navigating easier for you. If you want to take advantage of this tool you can find it here.

Oh this is so exciting. Being able to see, imagine and create with color is a special gift and you are about to learn how.

Here are the topics we will cover in the ecourse

1. Introduction to your color design ecourse

2. Looking at an interior with a designer’s eye

3. How we see color

4. The Color Wheel

5. Balance, Tone, Weight and Size

6 . Texture and Materials

7. Common and Period Color Schemes

8. Color Trends

9. Make it Interesting

10. Collating and Creating your Color Scheme

11. Thank you and summary of ecourse

Great. Are you ready to go?

Not just yet, one last thing.

After writing a few of these ecourses and receiving feedback, I would like to pass on the best advice I have received from previous students. Take your time and go at your own pace. You may receive your emails every 3 to 4 days, but don’t feel any pressure to do it instantly. This is the beauty about learning from home. You can do it when you are in a learning frame of mind and you will enjoy it so much more.

Now I am finished with the introduction, so tomorrow you will receive Part Two – Looking at an Interior with a Designer’s Eye. If you can’t wait until tomorrow, you can go online now and find it here and get started right away.

I hope you are ready for your great learning experience, remember to have fun along the way and remember to take it at your own pace.


Lee Brown

color for design and decorating ecourse coordinator