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Curtain Design Video

Curtain Design and Drapery Window Treatment Videos

Find all the curtain design videos you will need for your free curtain design ecourse here. Often you remember more when you watch and listen a movie, rather than reading, so these curtain and drapery design videos can be a very useful tool in your learning experience for window decoration. Even if you only use them as a refresher.

Curtain and Drapery Design Videos for Window Treatments

Curtain Design Introduction – get an overview of what covers, see some lovely photographs and examples of curtains.Learn what we can show you about curtain and drapery design for your window treatments. Watch online and in a few minutes get ideas from home interior design examples.

Curtain Hold Backs – find out about the new, simple and effective way for keeping curtains away from the windows, and stacked neatly at the side. A great curtain accessory for modern and contemporary curtains.  Learn more about them on video here, and improve your window treatment design skills. Watching video, is the quick way to learn about new ideas and ways to increase your interior decorating knowledge.

What is a Curtain Track – learn the basics of curtain design, find out what a curtain track is, how it works, it’s function in holding up the curtains and curtain track properties.  Make window treatments a simple equation when you gain the knowledge, skills and know how to decorate windows using curtains and drapery.

Curtain Rods, Poles and Finials – a wonderful decorative way to hang curtains is by using curtain poles or rods and finials. Learn about decorative curtain rods, poles and finials for home decorating your window treatments by video. See examples and get ideas for curtains and drapery. Video is a simple way to learn about curtain design. Watch now and save your time reading.

…..there will be more curtain and drapes design videos coming your way soon…..