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Curtain Test

Curtain and Drapery Design Online Ecourse Self Test Questions and Answers

To make sure you are understanding what you are learning in your curtain and drapery design ecourse, try answering some of the questions relating to the parts you have just read. If you do well, you know you have retained some valuable knowledge. If you can’t remember and get it wrong, don’t worry, you will know which parts to go back and read again.

Have fun and remember that you have been given a lot of information about curtain design in a short time span to learn, so take it at your own pace and ability and you will gain the valuable knowledge to be able to design stunning window treatments.

Questions for Curtain Design Online Ecourse

Questions for Parts 1 – 3

Questions for parts 4 – 6

Questions for parts 7 – 9

Questions for parts 10 – 12

Questions for parts 13 – 15

Questions for parts 16 – 18

Answers for Curtain Design Online Ecourse

Answers for all curtain questions

Lovely use of curtains and rod to show off window shape.

Lovely use of curtain design and rod to show off curved window shape.