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Questions Part 10 to 12

Self Test Questions for Curtain and Drapery Design Ecourse Parts 10 – 12

36. Define a bay window?

a. a window with a view of the bay

b. multiple windows creating an alcove

c. a circular window

d. a long narrow window

37. What is an option for decorating a bay window in a contemporary style?

a. festoon blinds and contrasting valances

b. swags and tails at each window

c. roman blinds at each window

d. none of the above

38. A single corner window is difficult treat, any type of blinds are a good choice to use.

a. True

b. False

39. What are good options for two windows that meet in the corner?

a. A continuous track around the two windows using one curtain at each end, or blinds on each window

b. Swags and tails at each window with pelmets

c. Leave the window bare

d. None of the above

40. For uneven windows, if the height of the window is different, which does occur in some older homes that have had numerous alterations over the years, what is a window treatment option to overcome this?

a. A continuous track around the two windows using one curtain at each end, or blinds on each window

b. Swags and tails at each window

c. Leave the window bare

d. Use a pelmet or valance to cover the track and disguise the differing heights of the windows

41. If french doors or windows open inwards can you use a full length curtain?

a. no

b. yes, if you ensure that the curtain is stacked back off the window and held off with a tieback or hold back

c. yes, if you use a roman blind

e. yes, if you use timber or wooden venetians

42. What helps reduce heat loss from large sliding glass windows?

a. roman blinds

b. cotton lining

c. interlining

d. none of the above

43. What is a dormer window?

a. a window that opens like a door

b. a door in the roof

c. a small window that “pops” out of a roof and is recessed out of the room

d. a small window in the bathroom

44. Full height curtains are the best window treatment for dormer windows

a True

b. False

45. What is a skylight or roof light?

b. a window that goes through the roof and lets light into the room

c. a window that doesn’t have glass

d. a window you can open like a door and walk onto the roof

46. Why would we need to treat glass walls or picture windows?

a. when the view is beautiful

b. when it is winter

c. if we want to make the room look bigger

d. if we needed to control the amount of light coming in to protect furniture and floor coverings

47. What is so special about Palladian or Arched Windows?

a. they are an architectural design feature of the home

b. they make the world look better when you look out of them

c. nothing special, just another rectangular window

d. they open inwards and outwards
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