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Curtains Ecourse

Curtain Design Ecourse

Sometimes, through no fault of our own, all parts of the email ecourse are not sent to you, and we would hate for you to miss out on anything. Sometimes they may be filtered out by your email provider, or you may be on holiday, you may delete them by mistake, or they just go missing in cyberspace.

Never fear, you can find all the links to the curtain design ecourse emails here.

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What ever the reason, please look here for any missing emails, as due to the volume of students, I can’t individually send you all the parts that you may not receive.

Have fun and happy decorating with curtains.

1. Introduction to your curtain design ecourse

2. Purpose of a curtain and the client brief

3. Types and styles of curtains – Contemporary

4. Types and styles of curtains – Traditional

5. Types and styles of curtains – Decorative and Specialized

6. Types and styles of curtains – Ready Made

7. Types and styles of curtains – Blinds

8. Types and styles of curtains – Shutters

9. Heading types, track and rod selection

10. Which curtain for the window style? – Bow and bay windows, uneven windows and corner windows

11. Which curtain for the window style? – Sliding Glass Windows, Dormer window and french windows

12. Which curtain for the window style? – Skylight, Glass Wall, Clerestory, Palladian Windows

13. Which curtain for the window style? – unusual shapes of windows, miscellaneous

14. Which curtain for the window style? – jalousie, double hung, sash windows, inswinging and out swinging casement windows, ranch and awning windows

15. Fabric selection guidelines

16. Curtain Terms, and ordering and measuring custom made curtains

17. Combining curtains with your interior design concept

18. Curtain accesories and knowing when and where to use them

19. Thank you and summary of ecourse

Frilled leading edge Curtains
Frilled leading edge Curtains

see some examples of country curtains

Through out this ecourse if you need to look at examples of curtain design, don’t forget to look at the curtain photos area of the website, there are hundreds of examples for you to view and learn from, with small design critiques or explainations accompanying them.

Curtains Design Photographs Menu

Don’t forget that the website is filled with fantastic curtain design information, examples and theory on curtains and drapes.

Fabulous example of roman blinds or shades

Fabulous example of roman blinds or shades

see examples of blinds and shades

Lovely Shirred Window Valance

Lovely Shirred Window Valance

see examples of window valances