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Introduction Part 1

Welcome to Part One of Your Curtain and Drapery Design Ecourse

This curtain and drapery design ecourse is written for you. It has been designed so that you can improve your skills yourself. This means that you will retain much more of the information that you read than when it is simply given to you.

You will be required to read more than just the email that are sent to you, but the good thing is I send you directly to the reading that you need to do, saving you time and money, no heavy text books to carry. All the information you need is at web sites.

You can do the reading and the ecourse at your leisure.

Getting Organized

I suggest the first thing you do is add this email address to your white list to ensure that you don’t miss any parts of the ecourse, and because some email hosts block photos I will provide links for you to view them online.

If you do miss a part, don’t worry because you will be able to access them online at ecourse pages.

The second is to create a folder called my curtain design ecourse (or something similar.) and store all your emails in the one place, this makes reference easier for when you want to do your tests.

It is going to be great fun learning about curtains and I can guarantee that when you finish, and I know you will, a whole new world of interiors will lie ahead of you.
Swags and Tails

What Next?

Here is how we are going to manage the Curtain and Drapery Design Ecourse

1. Introduction to your curtain design ecourse

2. Purpose of a curtain and the client brief

3. Types and styles of curtains – Contemporary

4. Types and styles of curtains – Traditional

5. Types and styles of curtains – Decorative and Specialized

6. Types and styles of curtains – Ready Made

7. Types and styles of curtains – Blinds

8. Types and styles of curtains – Shutters

9. Heading types, track and rod selection, hanging terms

10. Which curtain for the window style? – French windows, Uneven Windows and Corner Windows

11. Which curtain for the window style? – Sliding Glass Windows, Dormer Window and Bay Windows

12. Which curtain for the window style? – Skylight, Glass Wall, Clerestory, Palladian Windows

13. Which curtain for the window style? – Unusual Shapes of Windows, Miscellaneous

14. Which curtain for the window style? – Jalousie, Double Hung, Sash Windows, In swinging and Out Swinging Casement Windows, Ranch and Awning Windows

15. Fabric selection guidelines

16. Curtain Terms, and ordering and measuring custom made curtains

17. Combining curtains with your interior design concept

18. Curtain accessories and knowing when and where to use them

19. Thank you and summary of ecourse

Great. Are you ready to go?

Not just yet, one last thing.

The last and most important exciting thing is that we have set up a web site dedicated to you, our valuable student. You can visit to find a missing part of your ecourse, sometimes no matter how hard we try some emails do go astray, find FAQ, do your tests, join in with the student forum, see photographs and diagrams related to your work, watch videos all at the one web site. You will soon become very familiar with it, as it will be the hub of your interior design learning experience. You can find it at so bookmark that too.

Right, now I am finished with the introduction, you can wait until tomorrow for part two of your ecourse in your email box or you can go and view it online now at part two and get started right away.

I hope you are ready for your great learning experience, remember to have fun along the way and take it at your own pace.


Lee Brown

curtain and drapery design ecourse coordinator