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Ready Made Curtains Part 6

Types or Styles of Curtains – Ready Made Curtains

In our last lesson we learned about Decorative and Specialized Curtains, in today’s lesson we will learn about Ready Made Curtains. I will create an overview of these topics and then send you off to read more in your own time to add more depth to each area.

In this lesson we will focus on Ready Made Curtains

Ready Made Curtains

The definition of a ready made curtain is a curtain that is ready to hang when you open the packet that you have purchased from the store. No sewing involved. Fantastic, a service that never used to be available, it now means that there is no excuse for old shabby curtains! It is an economical way to makeover an interior.

How to buy ready made curtains

Most ready made curtains will have the size printed on the packet. You need to check this size and compare it to your window size. Make sure that the packet measurement has the fabric (or curtain size) not the window size. You will have already measured (we will find out to in part sixteen) your window size and worked out what type of track or rod you have or will need and the height of that.

You will have a little room to play around with in height for gathered top curtains – pencil pleated etc, as the heading tape has a space for three different curtain hook heights. So you will know your height and the width you need. The gathered or pencil pleated curtain you will need double the width of the window measurement in your curtain measurement. This allows for the fullness when the curtain tape is drawn in. This also gives you a little bit of leeway with the final overall curtain width, but not much. You will also need to decide if you are having two curtains or one to cover the window. Make sure you read the packet to see if it is a single curtain or a pair. This is sometimes not obvious on the packaging, so just be aware. It may look like a bargain until you get it home to see you can only cover half the window.

If you are looking at an un gathered ready made curtain like the tab top, grommet top or casement panel, you will need less width, perhaps one and a half times the width of the window, and the height is not as crucial as many people like the puddled look of curtains falling on the ground in these contemporary styles.

One of the most common style of ready made curtains – casement

Grommet Top Curtain

Tab and Tie Top curtains

Ensure you get your measurements correct, as believe me, nothing looks worse than curtains that are too short, or don’t have enough fullness for their style, and once you have taken them out of the packet and pulled in the cords to gather the curtain, they are yours. The shop will generally not want to take them back.

The advantages of ready made curtains

They are fabulous for a quick room makeover, especially bedrooms, as bedroom windows usually are a standard size.

The majority of the fabrics are ideal for home decor and come in varying color ways.

They can come with a thermal backing or be lined.

They are economical.

They are easily accessible from most major home decor stores and online.

No waiting time like custom made curtains.

The disadvantages of ready made curtains

Limited fabric range.

Don’t always have your window size.

Usually only standard window sizes available.

Range of styles of curtains is limited to usually, casement panels, pencil pleated, tab top, tie top, eyelet or grommet top.

Accessories like pelmets and valances not available.

Quality of the fabric is not always in your control for the color or design you want.

The quality of the manufacture is not as good as custom made, for example blind hemming, tacking the linings to the curtains.

That is an overview of the design features of Ready Made Curtains.

Now that you have just finished reading part six, you probably still have time to go and read your related articles, if not come back again and read them in your spare time. In three days time you will receive your next lesson Types and Styles of Curtains – Blinds, so don’t forget to add this email address to your white list, and if you don’t receive it in three days, then look in your spam email box, and if you just can’t wait for three days the you can find part seven here online.

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