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Sash Window Curtains Part 14

Choosing Window Treatments for Jalousie, Double Hung, In Swinging and Out Swinging Casement Windows, Ranch and Awning Windows

In today’s lesson we will learn about the Choosing Window Treatments for Jalousie, Double Hung, In Swinging and Out Swinging Casement Windows, Ranch and Awning Windows.

Jalousie Windows

The name of these windows is more exciting than what they look like. They are a window with fixed or tilt able horizontal strips of glass sloped upwards and used for ventilation in houses. Because a lot of these windows are fixed open so the air can continuously flow, you don’t want to cover them or you will have a constantly moving window treatment. If you want to soften the look of the window, scarf drapery could be used – a rod with a panel of fabric draped over it. Sheers or nets could be used – but I would fix them top and bottom on curtain wire so that they don’t fly around.

Double Hung or Sash Windows

These are commonly found in older homes and rarely found in modern. They are a window with and upper and lower sash that is carried by cords and weights as they slide up and down. My childhood memory of these windows is trying to heave them open as the years of layered paint try and hold them fixed.

Therefore a traditional style of curtain is probably in keeping with he style of the house, nets and sheers mounted inside the window frame on a curtain wire. Curtains – full or sill length depending on the position and surrounding influences. Because of the detail of the window frames, if you decide to use festoon, roman, london or balloon blinds or shades then mount them on the inside of the window frame.

Out Swinging Casement Window

An out swinging casement window opens outwards. This is a simple window to treat. You can use what ever curtain, blind or window treatment that suits the style of your home and the decoration you have chosen. These are simple windows to dress.

In Swinging Casement Windows

An in swinging window opens inwards into the room. This means that it is difficult to select window treatments for as anything on the inside of the window will get tangled or ripped when you open the window.

A simple solution for sheers or nets is to use a portiere rod that opens inwards with the window. Then you can use a curtain that is held back off the windows so it can be used at night when the windows are generally closed.

Ranch Windows

This is a wide and narrow window positioned high on a wall and not easily accessed. It sometimes has sliding sashes. These are best left without window treatments but if it is critical, then blinds inside the frame with long cords and winders.

Awning Windows

These are wide horizontal sashes that are hinged at the top and open outwards. You can treat them like an out swinging casement.

For diagrams of these styles of windows

You have just finished reading part fourteen. Go and read your related articles and take a look at some photographs to get curtain design ideas. In three days time you will receive your next lesson Fabric Selection, if you don’t receive it in three days, then look in your spam email box, and if you just can’t wait for three days the you can find part fifteen here online.

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