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Summary Part 19

Congratulations. You made it to the end.

Well done, you got to the end of your curtain design ecourse. I bet you don’t want to see another curtain for some time.

It will be all worth while, the next time you go to look at choosing a curtain you will surprise yourself at the knowledge you have gained.

The important thing to do now is to go and practice these skills. You don’t need to actually get curtains made, but you can practice measuring windows, deciding which type or style of curtain will look best with that window, you could look at using diferent style options, choose the fabrics, curtain tracks or rods and look at acccessories. You could take photographs and montage them together in a scrap book and start experimenting with looks, styles and themes, get out there and see what is avavilable in your area.

Start looking at magazines and design books in a different way. Look at the window treatments and see if you think they work for the space. If not what would you change. If you think they do look good, why are they successful? Critiquing others design is a very good way of learning.

Remember the website has numerous design critiques of curtain design, so go and have a look at how I approach others design and analyse it. See how I think about what works and suggest ways of improving it.

You can find these examples here, why not do your own critique on the photographs before you read the artcle then compare them.

To Summarize the Curtain Design Ecourse

You have now learned about

1. Introduction to your curtain design ecourse

2. Purpose of a curtain and the client brief

3. Types and styles of curtains – Contemporary

4. Types and styles of curtains – Traditional

5. Types and styles of curtains – Decorative and Specialized

6. Types and styles of curtains – Ready Made

7. Types and styles of curtains – Blinds

8. Types and styles of curtains – Shutters

9. Heading types, track and rod selection

10. Which curtain for the window style? – Bow and bay windows, uneven windows and corner windows

11. Which curtain for the window style? – Sliding Glass Windows, Dormer window and french windows

12. Which curtain for the window style? – Skylight, Glass Wall, Clerestory, Palladian Windows

13. Which curtain for the window style? – unusual shapes of windows, miscellaneous

14. Which curtain for the window style? – jalousie, double hung, sash windows, inswinging and out swinging casement windows, ranch and awning windows

15. Fabric selection guidelines

16. Curtain Terms, and ordering and measuring custom made curtains

17. Combining curtains with your interior design concept

18. Curtain accesories and knowing when and where to use them

19. Thank you and summary of ecourse

If you have missed any of the parts you can find them online, just click on the relevant part and you will find them on the education website.

I hope you have made use of the website it has videos about curtain design, photographs and examples of the topics we have covered and it has the picture website for adding any of your designs for others to see, and the forum to chat about your experiences of interior design and decorating. If you haven’t been doing the self tests along the way, then you can find them all here, and you can judge how well you remember what you have learned.

If you feel you deserve something for your dedication of learning about curtain design, then please visit here to find out more about your certificate of achievement for curtain design. We hope you will stay subscribed as we will have more to offer you…more product information as well as more free online interior design and decorating ecourses. So thanks for your dedication to learning, we are very proud of your achievements.

Bye for now

Chris and Lee brown

Providers of free interior design and decorating education to the world