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Unusual Windows Part 13

Treating Unusual Shaped Windows and Changing Proportions of Difficult Windows

In our last lesson we learned about Curtains or Drapery for Skylights, Glass Walls, Clerestory Windows, Palladian, Arched or Venetian Windows, in today’s lesson we will learn about Treating Unusual Shaped Windows and Changing Proportions of Difficult Windows.

Circular Windows

Circular windows aren’t common and are usually a design feature – to capture a specific view outdoors. They are best to be left without any form of window treatment.You can use a pleated blind and fan it around to cover the window, but this is not ideal. If it is a large window you could simply use full length curtains with a rod above the window and keep the curtains held back off the window.

Long Narrow Windows

Sometimes we aren’t happy with the proportions of an existing window and we want to change how it looks.

If we have a long and narrow window and we want to make it appear shorter and wider,then we would use a curtain track at the top of the window frame, add a deep valance to lower the height of the window, the extend the track wider than the normal allowance of a stack back to the sides and keep the curtains held back off the window.

This will give the appearance of a wider window.

Short Wide Windows

If you want to alter the proportions of a short wide window in your room, fix the curtain track or rod high above the window frame and use full length curtains, with a deep pelmet or valance to the top of the window. To reduce the appearance of the width, fix the leading edges of the curtains together at the top and drag them back and old them at the sides with a hold back or tieback. A different approach to this short wide window – especially if it is in a kitchen situation is to create cafe curtains; like the process above, fix a track high above the top window frame and use a deep valance, then hang a curtain rood just above the bottom of the window sill and hang a cafe curtain here. This will provide the appearance of a taller window than you have. These types of curtains are permenant fixtures and aren’t moved, so you can get away with disguising your window!

Different Shaped Windows on a Single Wall with One Being a Small Window

If you have a wall with a large window and a very small window then unlike uneven or asymmetrical windows where we treat them as a single unit, these will be treated individually. Treat the large window in the style dominant to the room. You may have other windows, for example full height drapes or drapes with swags and tails.Then select something different but in keeping with the room style for the small window, for example, contemporary style – use a blind, micro, mini, venetian, pleated, roman, for a traditional style, balloon, London, festoon, roller shade, for a country style simple colonial shutters would be an ideal option.

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Lee Brown

Curtain Design Ecourse Coordinator