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Use this search box to help you find design schools in your area.

It saves heaps of time searching through courses, only to find that they aren’t offered in your area.

So use this tool to save you time.

Or you can look through the schools that we have already found and listed below to see if they meet your design education needs.

Interior design and decorating are extremely extensive topics for study and often underestimated.

They require dedicated skills and a passion for being creative and the desire and dedication for constant learning. After all interior design and decorating are in the fashion industry and you do have to keep up with the seasonal trends.

If you think you have what it takes, desire, passion and creative flair, then let yourself loose on a design school and see if you can make your dreams come true.



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Look through Design Schools listed below to see if you can find a course in your area to suit your design education needs or their are online courses listed at the bottom, a great and convenient alternative.

Westwood College- Bachelor in Interior Design

Anaheim, CA

Inland Empire (Upland, CA)

Los Angeles (LA, CA)

South Bay (Torrance, CA)

westwood college

Westwood College- Bachelor in Interior Design

Denver North (Denver, CO)

Denver South (Denver, CO)

westwood college

Southwest Florida College – Associates program in Interior Design (Tampa and Fort Myers, FL)

Westwood College- Bachelor in Interior Design

Atlanta, GA

Atlanta (North Lake), GA

westwood college


Westwood College – Bachelor in Interior Design

Chicago DuPage (Woodbridge, IL)

Chicago River Oaks (Calumet City, IL)


Louisville Technical Institution – Didn’t specify, but the school only offers diplomas, certificated, and associates (Louisville, KY)

Boston Architectural College – Bachelors and Masters in Interior Design (Boston, MA)

New Jersey:
Berkeley College- Associates in Interior Design (Bergen, NJ)

Rhode Island:
New England Institute of Technology – Associates and Bachelors in Interior Design (Warwick, RI)

Westwood College – Bachelor in Interior Design

Virginia Annandale (Annandale, VA)

Virginia Arlington Ballston (Arlington, VA)


Westwood College Online- Bachelor in Interior Design

westwood college

PCDI – Diploma in Interior Decorating, and a Diploma in Floral Design

professional career development center

The Art Institute Online – Bachelor of Science in Interior Design

the art institute online