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Interior Decorating Ecourse’s free interior decorating ecourse

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Part 1. How to Get Your Project Brief – vitally important for every designer.

Part 2. How to Brain Storm Your Style Ideas – get those creative juices flowing.

Part 3. The Secrets to Using Color Well – learn how to use color for interiors.

Part 4. Making Fabrics Work for You – get a handle of how to use fabrics for home decorating.

Part 5. How to Choose Fittings and Fixtures – an area often overlooked, make sure your fittings and fixtures tie in with your interior scheme.

Part 6. What to Look for in Home Finishes – make sure you know what you are looking for quality wise and know which product to use for each application.

Part 7 . Furniture Placement Guidelines – get some tips on placing furniture in the interior, another area often overlooked. Making the room flow with the placement of furniture.

Part 8. How to Pull Your Decorating Scheme Together – guidelines for managing all your hard work and creating your interior decorating scheme.

Part 9. The Finishing Touches – tips and ideas on how to take your interior that little bit further with finishing touches.

Part 10. Taking Decorating a Step Further – where do you want to go to from here? Career paths.

Part 11. Your Certificate – reward yourself with a certificate of achievement.

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