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Get Your Interior Decorating Ecourse Certificate Information

Lee Brown here, interior decorating ecourse co-ordinator.

Congratulations on completing your free ecourse on Interior Decorating. I realize it was a fast paced intensive course, so well done for following through.

We know it was a lot of work, loads of reading and scrolling through internet pages, tied to your computer, then giving it a go on your own homes, or your family’s.

We think you deserve some recognition for all this hard work and dedication, so we have designed a stylish Certificate of Achievement in Interior Decorating, just for you!

This recognises the fact that you have read and learned the ten parts of the interior decorating ecourse. (Note: if you missed any parts you can find them online here).

It isn’t easy for some of us to get to local decorating classes, we may live too far away, have no transport, they may be too expensive, or there may not be any in our area. This ecourse has removed those barriers and given you the opportunity to get started, no excuses, it was free, and you got out there and did it, so pat yourself on the back, you have shown passion for decorating and real dedication.

So lets take a look….

Here it is the…..
Certificate of Achievement in Interior Decorating from
interior decorating certificate

This certificate can be yours to frame and hang on your wall, we also send a copy to put in your CV.

It’s a great way to brag about your new skills to friends, show family that all your time at the computer wasn’t in vain, and to give you a head start into the design school of your choice.

We have provided you with the ecourse for free but we are unable to offer the certificate for free due to the physical costs involved of printing and processing, postage and packaging, unlike the wonderful internet and email that allows us to give you free information with the push of a button.

So for the small cost of US$24.95 plus postage and packaging of US$5.00, you could have your own Certificate of Achievement in Interior Decorating to hang on your wall and place in your CV.

I remember how proud I was when I got my certificate of interior design. I was speechless – all my hard work and I finally had something to show for it, now you can too. I had to ring my Mum and get her to come over and show her, she was very impressed and hired me straight away to look at designing her new kitchen.

I am sure you know that I am a generous person, so I couldn’t help but give you something else free to guide you on your way to be a great interior decorator, so there is a bonus for you that is actually priceless.

Priceless. Why?

Because it gives you a head start into the world of interior decorating, you will be able to follow the steps that I use to create wonderful interiors with confidence. It will be like I am walking you through the project, holding your hand.

The Bonus – What is it?

As a special offer to you, I have created The Interior Decorators Checklist which will be yours free when you purchase your certificate.

I know this is a very valuable tool and as I mentioned earlier priceless, it is worth so much more than the simple price of your certificate, what a great bonus. You will be able to use it as your personal coach as you tackle your decorating projects.

So what are you waiting for? Zoom to the bottom of the page and get your certificate now.

Good luck with your decorating career and be very proud of your achievement so far.


To purchase your Certificate use the Paypal button below, it is a safe and secure method of payment. But don’t worry if you don’t have a Paypal account, there are other options available, you can easily set one up or simply use your credit card.

Then I will personalize your certificate and post it direct to your address and before you know it, it will be hanging on your wall, picture that now.


Full Name Required on Certificate

Or if you don’t have a credit card or bank account you can make a money transfer payment at any Western Union outlet. Simply contact me for details on how to action this option.

lee blue

P.S. This web site is all about me being able to help talented people like you fulfill your dreams, to learn about interior decorating and to make a positive change in your life. You have already done that by completing the ecourse, so now reward yourself with a certificate. Go on, you know you deserve it.