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Decorating Part 10’s Free Interior Decorating ecourse – Part 10

Last time we learnt about The Finishing Touches, today we will learn about Taking Decorating a Step Further.

Part 10 – Taking Decorating a Step Further

So you have enjoyed what you have learnt so far and are itching to  get out there and learn some more.

I am going to tell you about how I became an interior designer. When I was young I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life, I had been an AFS exchange student to Quebec, Canada for a year. I returned to New Zealand and promptly took off to the United Kingdom to embark on my big OE.

Whilst staying there my friend was working as a nanny in a beautiful home owned by an interior designer and her husband was the decorator, implementing the work that she specified. Their house had the most incredible trompe l’oeil ceiling. More information on Trompe l’oeil. It looked like it had extensive and very elaborate plasterwork and a huge domed ceiling. In fact the ceiling was flat.

I was inspired by what can be done with a little imagination and from there I set upon my current career path. I trained at a college in my home town, and at the end was ruthlessly determined to get a job, I worked part time in the industry until I made myself indispensable to the design company and issued them an ultimatum – I need full time work or I am leaving, and I am still here 18 years later.

Anyway, where I am getting to with my story is that I am not alone, there are so many people out there who are in the same situation that I was, unsure of what road to take and whether it will be what they anticipate.

Never fear, every career choice is like this, but the positive side of interior decorating is that it is an industry that follows fashion and is linked with technology, so it is always changing and there are constantly a flow of new products to learn about and the seasonal trends that follow. That keeps the job fun.

You also have the people side of the job, you are changing people’s homes for the better, we aren’t doctors but we can transform the emotional side of a person to be happy in their environment. A wonderful comfortable home, is a great way to keep the soul happy and motivated.

I love my job and recommend it to any budding creative person who wants to take up decorating as a hobby or really wants to get their teeth into it and work full time in the industry.

I get asked often by people all over the world, how do I learn, where do I start?

You have already made a positive start by visiting our website and taking up this ecourse. Obviously I have been unable to cover every aspect in detail of interior decorating because it is covers such a huge range of topics, but we have made a positive start to your learning, and believe me you are always learning in this industry, there is no time to get stale.

There are a lot of careers within interior decorating, for example you could specialize in color and be a color consultant, or window treatments and work in a sales store, you could be a buyer of decorating accessories for a department store, an adviser on floor coverings, a kitchen or bathroom designer, a sales representative for fabrics…the list goes on.

Where ever you end up you need a solid grounding education in decorating. We currently have ebooks on a range of decorating topics:


soft furnishings



We can also highly recommend’s –
Guide to Become and Interior Decorator

If you are already in the industry and have used this ecourse as a refresher which is a very healthy thing to do, you may want to go into business on your own or if you already are then you may want to increase your turnover.

My partner Chris Brown has written a detailed ebook called

How to Make Loads of Money as a Designer

This covers all aspects of running a design practice from starting up and getting a name to employing staff and marketing yourself and your business. It gives examples of office systems to streamline your business and time saving advice which ultimately makes you more money. It really is worth the read, it is so easy to get bogged down doing your design work and forget about where the next job is coming from and how you are going to pay the bills.

So take a look, it will change the way you do business. How to Make Loads of Money as a Designer

If you live in the Unites States or Canada then we now have available a design directory for you to search for design education schools in your area. This could save you searching the yellow pages.

Take a look and see if you can find a course to suit your needs, design school search, they also have online courses available.

I hope you have enjoyed your free ecourse in interior decorating. I will be keeping in touch with things that I think will be of interest to you. If you have any feed back – good or bad! Please email me lee @

Now that you have completed the ecourse, I can let you know about the certificate you can get, go visit now and find out how to get your certificate for certificate information

Bye for now

Keep visiting our website, I have listed a few pages to bookmark below.

These pages as resourceful and an interesting read and are constantly being updated with new articles on different sub topics.

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Lee Brown

PS A new free ecourse in development on Interior Design……stay tuned, we will let you be the first to know!

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